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  • Maillot de bain menstruel Séréna- ADOPTE MA CULOTTE
  • Maillot de bain menstruel Séréna- ADOPTE MA CULOTTE
  • Maillot de bain menstruel Séréna- ADOPTE MA CULOTTE
  • Maillot de bain menstruel Séréna- ADOPTE MA CULOTTE
  • Maillot de bain menstruel Séréna- ADOPTE MA CULOTTE
  • Maillot de bain menstruel Séréna- ADOPTE MA CULOTTE
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Serena menstrual swimsuit


Séréna, a sexy menstrual swimsuit to enjoy summer peacefully ☀️ in a swimsuit even during your period! yes, it’s possible⛱️.

Become the beach mermaid 🧜‍♀️

➡️ Séréna , is a menstrual swimsuit, with a sexy cut , and a single strap to highlight your figure .

➡️ Hyper absorbent for periods with complete peace of mind… up to 6 hours of non-stop protection thanks to our anti-leak technology (approximately 2 tampons)

➡️ Discreet , the absorbent part is barely visible to the eye and at the same time very absorbent.

➡️ As comfortable as a classic swimsuit, plus absorption, the Séréna swimsuit offers you a sexy cut, ideal for sunbathing peacefully on the beach or in the pool

❌ No, the absorbent part does not swell, 100% discretion!

❌ Séréna is not the swimsuit suitable for water slide sessions or other similar activities

➡️ The Séréna swimsuit is ecological and economical !

Simply rinse it in cold water, then wash it (machine possible but at 30°) and finally, air dry it... It is ready for the next day.

You can go in the water during your period! Our period swimsuits are designed specifically for water activities.

Warning: Séréna is not suitable for very vigorous aquatic activities, such as water slides. Our built-in absorbent liner has leak-proof technology and there is no swelling in water. It can be worn at the pool or the beach, for any level of activity.

For additional protection, the Séréna periodic swimsuit can be worn with a tampon or menstrual cup.

Composition :

  • Exterior: 78% Nylon, 22% Elastane (very soft and stretchy)
  • Interior: 3 layers for better absorption
  • Base: 100% organic cotton
  • Absorbent: 100% rayon fiber
  • Membrane: breathable polyester

Size guide :

Size Hip
S 71-76 94-99
M 76-83 99-106
L 83-90 106-113
XL 90-99 113-122
XXL 99-108 122-131
  • Zero leaks

    In order to offer you a more effective solution than a tampon or a sanitary napkin.

  • Super comfortable

    To feel beautiful and comfortable even during your menstrual cycle.

  • 12 hours of protection

    To ensure top protection throughout your days or nights.

  • Ecological panties

    Certified without harmful products in order to respect your skin but also the environment.

A healthy and ecological alternative

Women have an average of 480 periods in their lifetime, which represents more than 10,000 disposable sanitary protections and more than €5,000 spent. These protections take more than 500 years to degrade and can contain toxic residues dangerous to health.

But by using our menstrual panties, you are opting for an alternative that is both economical and ecological, so how can you resist?

For every moment of your life as a woman

Because we want to offer you a long-term solution, our panties can be worn for several years, washed more than 65 times and are made with formidable anti-leak protection to ensure comfort and peace of mind every time you wear them. .

Also designed for your well-being and health, no toxins or chemical elements are present in the composition of our materials.