Menstrual panties designed by women for women

Adopt our menstrual panties for an experience
comfortable, respectful of your body and the environment. Our products,
combining innovative technology and natural materials, ensure you a
hygienic and ecological protection. No more sanitary tampons and
disposable towels, switch to a reusable and zero-waste solution. With
our menstrual panties, experience your period with complete peace of mind,

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  • Zero leaks

    In order to offer you a more effective solution than a tampon or a sanitary napkin.

  • Super comfortable

    To feel beautiful and comfortable even during your menstrual cycle.

  • 12 hours of protection

    To ensure top protection throughout your days or nights.

  • Ecological panties

    Certified without harmful products in order to respect your skin and the environment.

Who says you can't stay beautiful and sensual when you're on your period?

Who says you can't stay beautiful and sensual during your period? With our sanitary period panties, you can have a peaceful week of periods without compromising on comfort or protection. Wear whatever clothes you like and move freely without fear of urinary or menstrual leakage.

Our period panties are made from organic cotton and feature innovative technology that ensures effective protection against light to moderate leaks. These absorbent underwear ensure optimal comfort, total discretion and intimate hygiene on a daily basis.
allowing you to go about your daily activities with complete peace of mind. Designed to meet the needs of modern women, our panties are ideal for day or night, at work, at sports, or even while sleeping.


Panties adapted to your desires

Adapted to all your activities

Our period underwear is perfect for any situation. Whether you are at work, playing sports, or simply at home, our menstrual panties provide you with comfort and protection. They are an ideal alternative to period tampons and disposable pads, giving you better menstrual hygiene without compromise.

A varied range to meet all your needs

We offer a range of menstrual panties suitable for each type of menstrual flow, from the first period to heavy flow. Our panties are available in different sizes and designs to suit all body shapes and preferences. Use our menstrual panties in addition to a menstrual cup, for maximum protection in the event of a very heavy flow.

Culotte Menstruelle Morgane-ADOPTE MA CULOTTE

Why choose our menstrual panties?

Absorption and safety :

Our panties offer capacity
high absorption, protecting you from leaks and irritation. They
are hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals, preventing
thus allergies and itching. Their design without toxic products
reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome and disruptors

Hygiene and health :

Our certified menstrual panties
Oeko-tex are designed to respect the vaginal flora and prevent
mycoses. They are ideal for women looking for solutions
hygienic and safe during their periods.

Ecological and economical :

Reusable menstrual panties
are a zero-waste solution that reduces the impact
environmental. Made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and
bamboo, they are both economical and respectful of
the environment.