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Menstrual panties and pads

Discover the New Arrivals in Menstrual Panties: Comfort and Protection for All Women

Welcome to the “New Arrivals” category of Adopte Ma Culotte, our online sales site, specializing in menstrual panties. Here, we highlight the latest innovations and trends in menstrual protection. We strive to expand our catalog in order to satisfy all your needs and desires and to experience your periods as peacefully as possible. Discover here all the latest news from Adopte Ma Culotte

Discover how our menstrual panties combine comfort, efficiency and durability to meet the needs of all women.

The Period Panties Revolution

Menstrual panties represent a significant advance in the field of hygienic protection. They offer an ecological and economical alternative to disposable protections such as napkins and tampons. Designed to absorb menstrual flow, these panties are not only reusable, but also very comfortable and effective in preventing leaks.

Why Choose Our Menstrual Panties?

  1. High Quality Materials

    • Our panties are made from organic cotton and some from bamboo fiber, soft and breathable materials that respect your skin.
    • The cotton used for our panties is Oeko-Tex certified, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances.

  2. Comfort and Discretion

    • Designed to be comfortable to wear, our menstrual panties are available in several styles: high waist, bikini, tanga, thong, shorty, and boxer briefs.
    • They are discreet under clothing thanks to seamless finishes and a glamorous design.

  3. Effective Protection

    • Thanks to their absorbent part, our menstrual panties offer an absorption capacity adapted to different flows: normal, heavy, and light flow.
    • They are also hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin.

  4. For All Morphologies

    • Available in large sizes and for different body types, our menstrual panties are designed for all women, including young girls on their first period and postpartum women.
  5. Sustainability and Ecology

    • Opting for menstrual panties means choosing a zero waste solution. They are washable and reusable, thus helping to reduce menstrual waste.

Use and Maintenance

Our menstrual panties are easy to use. Wear them during your period, replace them as needed depending on your flow, then simply hand or machine wash with a mild detergent. Their maintenance is simple and keeps them clean and hygienic for many menstrual cycles. Consult our care tips for your menstrual panties.

Economic Benefits

Investing in period panties is a cost-effective long-term solution. Unlike disposable protections, they can be reused for several years, allowing you to make significant savings.

Varied Designs for All Occasions

  • For everyday life: Our panties are designed to be worn under all types of clothing, providing optimal comfort throughout the day.
  • Comfortable at home : in this category you will find models of ultra comfortable panties to go about your business at home in complete peace of mind
  • For sport: Models such as shorties and boxers are perfect for physical activities, offering flawless support and protection.
  • For special moments: Discover our collection of lace menstrual panties, combining elegance and efficiency, to stay glamorous even during your period.
  • For the pool and the beach: Our menstrual swimsuits allow you to enjoy your aquatic activities with complete peace of mind, without fear of leaks.

Testimonials from Our Users

Many women around the world have adopted our menstrual panties and share their satisfaction:

  • “I am happy to have found such a comfortable and ecological solution. Menstrual panties have changed my life!” - Marie, 34 years old
  • "Ideal for my teenage daughter, these panties offer her effective protection without the inconvenience of tampons." - Sophie, 42 years old

A Solution to Menstrual Precariousness

By choosing our menstrual panties, you are also participating in an important cause: the fight against menstrual poverty. We work with associations to provide reusable protection to women in need.

How to Buy Our Menstrual Panties?

Browse Adopte Ma Culotte to discover all the new products and choose the menstrual panties that suits you. We offer sizes for all women, from young girls to adults, and styles to suit every flow. Test our products for a comfortable and hygienic experience during your menstrual cycle.