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Reusable sanitary napkin(s) made from bamboo fibers - Foliage

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This reusable sanitary napkin is a combination of a layer of bamboo charcoal fiber for your comfort, a layer of super absorbent microfiber, and finally a waterproof layer that retains flow to prevent leaks.

Bamboo charcoal fiber is a 100% natural, healthy material with strong absorption power . It naturally helps retain losses and capture all odors

Thanks to a decreasing unit price per batch, we are fighting against menstrual poverty and we want cheaper menstrual panties . With Adopte Ma Culotte , we are able to maintain superior quality by limiting the number of intermediaries, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint. Also, we make an effort on our margins to offer you fair prices , the other brand(s) offer prices 3x higher.

Save every day, every month, every year…

Did you know ?

In a woman's life, more than 14,700 sanitary protection products are used, representing more than €5,025 spent , not counting stained panties and other costly costs.

With our washable sanitary napkins, you save money and do something for the planet.

The new reusable Eco-hygienic towel proposed by a French team and which changes the rules!

In women, single-use disposable protection can cause real gynecological problems on different scales.

After a study carried out among women overwhelmed by the disadvantages of disposable protection, 91% of them now recommend Adopte ma panties solutions.

Why choose Adopt my panties?

  • Economical and ecological
  • 12 hours of protection
  • Washable and reusable
  • Anti-Leak Technology
  • Oeko-Tex® certified fabric (the same as those used for infants)
  • Ecological
  • Satisfied or refunded

The perfect compromise between the natural towel and optimum absorption capacity

According to Greenpeace, “the dioxin present in disposable protection is one of the most toxic and dangerous synthetic substances ever studied”

The absorbent part of our reusable sanitary napkins is designed mainly from natural resources (80% Ultra-Absorbent Bamboo Charcoal fibers and 20% Polyester)/

Unlike disposable napkins, our reusable bamboo fiber sanitary napkins do not contain fluorescent agents, chemical perfumes, dioxins, chlorine, pesticides, etc.

Comfort is the main reason why adopte ma panties pads are so popular since they are suitable in all circumstances (1st period, adolescence, pre-menopause, urinary leakage, after childbirth, heavy flow, sleep, etc.). Your new essential periodic protection.

Technology at the service of your periods

Our washable menstrual towels are made up of 3 insulating layers, allowing them to wick away moisture and odors efficiently.

Thanks to our new absorption technology, you won't feel any discomfort or leaks and you can enjoy your day while staying dry! The adopt my panties towel offers durable and most effective protection currently available, in comparison with disposable protections that are often not very absorbent and which allow leaks.

Why trust us ?

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 We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We give you the guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, we will make sure to resolve your problem.

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Adopt my towel it is:

  • Washable and reusable sanitary napkin
  • >Very soft and comfortable
  • Pressure system to attach the towel for maximum comfort
  • Cotton and bamboo charcoal fibers
  • Anti-odor
  • About 20g
  • Absorption: 40-80ml
  • Machine washable at 30°
  • Ecological and very economical
  • Zero leaks

    In order to offer you a more effective solution than a tampon or a sanitary napkin.

  • Super comfortable

    To feel beautiful and comfortable even during your menstrual cycle.

  • 12 hours of protection

    To ensure top protection throughout your days or nights.

  • Ecological panties

    Certified without harmful products in order to respect your skin but also the environment.

A healthy and ecological alternative

Women have an average of 480 periods in their lifetime, which represents more than 10,000 disposable sanitary protections and more than €5,000 spent. These protections take more than 500 years to degrade and can contain toxic residues dangerous to health.

But by using our menstrual panties, you are opting for an alternative that is both economical and ecological, so how can you resist?

For every moment of your life as a woman

Because we want to offer you a long-term solution, our panties can be worn for several years, washed more than 65 times and are made with formidable anti-leak protection to ensure comfort and peace of mind every time you wear them. .

Also designed for your well-being and health, no toxins or chemical elements are present in the composition of our materials.