Maintaining our sanitary napkins

How to clean your sanitary napkin?

Sanitary napkin: how to maintain it?

Did you recently fall for sanitary napkins, but you don't yet know how to care for them? Here are our tips.

In addition to providing you with comfort during this always delicate period, the sanitary napkin helps avoid many inconveniences such as bad odors, unforeseen leaks or worse, health problems which can be very serious.

In short, menstrual panties will save your life and here are some tips for maintaining them on a daily basis.

How do I maintain my sanitary napkin?

Before using your sanitary napkin for the first time, it is recommended to machine wash it at 30°C. The reason ? This will simply allow for better absorption of your flow afterwards.

On a daily basis, after using your menstrual panties on the first day of your cycle, here are the steps to follow to clean them:

  • First, rinse the panties in cold water to remove some of the absorbed blood.
  • Pre-wash the sanitary napkin by hand with soap
  • Then, place your towel in the washing machine and opt for washing at 30°C. If you don't want to mix your towels with your other clothes, don't panic, you can always use a washing net.
  • Finally, let your towel air dry. It is not recommended to put them in the dryer for the simple reason that this can weaken the fibers of the panties and therefore damage them more quickly.

Mistakes not to make with your sanitary napkin

Taking care of your sanitary napkin also involves making certain mistakes to avoid. Here they are :

  • Using aggressive cleaning products like bleach and white vinegar will damage the fibers of the panties.

  • Choosing a washing temperature that is too high: opt for a wash between 30°C.

  • Dry your panties in the dryer

  • Use fabric softener. The reason ? Using unnatural products can, over time, damage the towel.