Culottes menstruelles pour règles

7 good reasons to opt for menstrual panties during your period

  1. It's good for half a day . Yes, you will be quiet until 12 p.m. ! And that, frankly, is great :-) Obviously, the time is linked to the quantity of blood to absorb. Our panties are suitable for handling up to 40ml, the equivalent of 3 or 4 tampons (depending on absorption). For me on my most intense days, I start my day with clean panties, I change them during lunch break, then again in the evening! It's easy and honestly, I love it. My 14 year old daughter is also a fan of these period panties, as is my niece! And since it's cotton which is in contact with you can wash the panties in the machine. Yes yes, I know, it’s great!

  1. It's clean . Our panties are made from cotton and bamboo fiber, therefore healthy materials. No need to ask questions anymore, because clearly, we do not clearly know what manufacturers put in our sanitary napkins. For our part, our workshop is now certified Oetko Tek, meaning that the materials used come from sustainable management and are in organic transition. This is the label just “before” organic cotton. This allows us to offer you menstrual panties at an affordable price while being responsible for our planet. And that’s important to us!

  1. It's economical . In the long term, you will save €€€ from your wallet. In fact, your periods will have less financial impact on your everyday life, because you will no longer have to spend every month to buy sanitary protection. Do you see what I'm talking about? These menstrual panties will also save your change. So yes, that’s a good point too.

  1. It is ecological because it is washable and therefore reusable. You use it, then it's simple: rinse, machine wash at 30°, air dry... and then you use it again! In short, a beautiful virtuous circle. So you don't unnecessarily fill the bins by throwing away kilos of hygienic protection every month. All for washable menstrual panties that last for around 7 years (and even more if you take care of them correctly)! So we agree, fewer purchases, less money spent... and less waste produced!

  1. It's comfortable , puts an end to the itchy and sticky effects of disposable sanitary napkins. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? That unpleasant feeling of having to scratch or reposition your sanitary napkin because it slipped! Thanks to menstrual panties, your privacy is preserved because it is in contact with cotton! Yes, it's super comfortable like your everyday pants after all.

  1. It's odorless ! No more doubts, you know the moment when you wonder if your neighbor at the table or your work colleague can smell your scent and guess that you are on your period at the moment. No chemicals are used in the design of our period panties so no bad smells arise. To do this, you just need to practice good hygiene (yes, washing is important) and change your underwear. Finally the freedom to live these rules without asking too many questions and especially without those around you noticing.

  1. It's PRETTY ! Yes, we offer more than 6 different models of menstrual panties. You will definitely find your happiness. From panties to tanga, with or without lace, high cut or not, ... You just have to choose the model you like and you will feel pretty even during your period. Gone are the days of ugly, holey and misshapen period pants. Long live pretty period panties.

Here are the girls! In short, menstrual panties are really a "Must Have" in your wardrobe and in your life as a young girl/woman, like the pretty little black dress, menstrual panties are an essential, a basic in your wardrobe .

Our must-have is our Emma model. Made of cotton and bamboo fiber, it really is the ideal ally for living your period with complete peace of mind! You will feel beautiful and safe during your period and that changes everything.

PS: if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us.

PS 2: and don't forget. Menstrual panties are easy to carry. Our panties are light and easy to slip into your bag, and especially in their waterproof pouch available on our site! Ideal for storing your used menstrual panties without staining your bag!


Emma menstrual panties

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