Menstrual poverty

Period poverty is an important topic that affects a large number of women around the world. Accessing menstrual protection products can be a financial challenge for some women. This is why companies like Adopte Ma Culotte play a crucial role in the fight against menstrual poverty.

Adopte Ma Culotte is a company specializing in menstrual panties, offering ecological and economical protection for menstruation. In addition, Adopte Ma Culotte is committed to menstrual poverty, offering installment payments and advantageous rates for students.

Menstrual poverty is a major public health issue that can have significant consequences on the health, well-being and daily lives of women. Therefore, it is crucial to find affordable and sustainable solutions to help women cope with this situation. Adopte Ma Culotte meets these needs by offering high-quality menstrual panties at affordable prices, while contributing to the fight against menstrual poverty.

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