Comment bien utiliser une culotte menstruelle ?

How to properly use menstrual panties?

You have just received your first period panties and there in front of your mirror, you are wondering how to use them properly.

1/ It’s as simple as panties 👏

Yes, you understood, menstrual panties simply replace your usual lingerie when you have your period. Thanks to its absorption area, your new menstrual panties will replace tampons, sanitary napkins or cups. At first, you will be a little afraid of leaks, it's normal to have these doubts. It's just that you're going out of your comfort zone, but you'll see after your first cycle, you'll already be reassured! After all, you don't ask this question with pads or tampons; simply because that's what your mother gave you! but now it’s time for a change.

You will have understood, menstrual panties can be put on like classic panties during your period 😉

2/ Washing is necessary before using it

We recommend that you wash your period panties before using them. But why? Remember that it is certainly a clean product but that it was handled before arriving in your hands. It is a personal hygiene product so yes, to reassure you, it is best to wash your menstrual panties before using them.

In addition, this will allow the absorbent part to swell with water and thus activate its absorption power!

Above all, this pre-wash step is ultimately valid for all your clothes, so don't worry about it, and wash it before wearing it.

3/ You wear it during your period

Depending on your flow, you can even anticipate and wear it a few days before!

How long you wear your panties depends on your cycle and your blood loss. This is therefore personal, will depend on your cycles, certain days and all the parameters related to us women.

Our panties are suitable for absorbing up to 40ml of liquid, or up to 12 hours. Be careful to adapt these principles to you and your body.

For my part, on the days when my period ends, I can wear clean panties all day and change them at night. Whereas on days when my flow is very strong, I change my panties at lunchtime and in the early evening.

4/ Washing is necessary after use

Before washing, it is essential to rinse your panties. You therefore rinse it with cold or lukewarm water (not hot) in order to unclog all the blood present in the panties. Then, the panties can be washed at 30°, this will eliminate all dead cells and allow the panties to regenerate for another use. Finally, air dry! and you're ready for your next cycle

5/ Menstrual panties suitable for all situations

You can wear your new period panties during all the events of your life: at sports, in the evening, at work, etc., in short, discreet and pretty, they accompany you to experience your periods in complete freedom, without constraint.

And There you go ! you're ready.. I'll let you discover our collection to find out which panties are for you.

I hope this little article was useful to you! See you soon !

Sandrine, founder of the site

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